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[TRANS] Men’s style November Issue - Kai.

Men’s style: We know that you’re very busy right now, in limited amounts of free time, what do you do? What websites do you browse?  
Kai: In my free time, I normally dance or sing, or ride my bike or read~ When I go online, I go to NAVER to read news, or go on YOUTUBE~

Men’s style: Kai, which sports are you good at? What sports do you want to try?
Kai: In reality, I don’t have much talent for sports, but I like to play soccer! So I hope if there’s a chance that I could go to CHELSEA FC’s training field STAMFORD BRIDGE and asked FERNANDO TORRES to teach me soccer~ 

Men’s style: What snacks do you like he most? Who brought you guys a meal recently? 
Kai: It’s fried chicken! Every time we eat fried chicken, it’s always only me buying takeaway~ 

Men’s style: If one day you became an older brother in EXO, what would you want these “little brothers” to do?
Kai: I wouldn’t ask my little brothers to do anything, I’d want them to understand each other, and love each other~ Really, our leaders have done an awesome job~! 

Men’s style: From the members, who do you think has the strongest stage performance ability?
Kai: I think that all the members have their own thoughts and styles and therefore are all able to perform on stage very well~ 

Men’s style: Who do you like to listen to the most? Within the members and outside the members?

source: 魅力先生主编向未
trans credit: jongoutcom
do not edit, do not repost.

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